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Arab-Americans Head for the Ballot Box

On a cold morning in early April, six immigrant women in puffer coats, denim jackets, and headscarves gathered for a citizenship class at a center for Arab Americans in Bay Ridge.

Branding New York

In March 1971, a series of mysterious announcements began to appear in newspapers throughout the Northeastern United States. The first pictured the Statue of Liberty with a tear running down her cheek under the headline, “Announcing the Beginning of the End of New York City.”

The Party of Michael Moore

One month after Fahrenheit 9/11 made its opening splash, Michael Moore became a controversial presence at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. It was here where he finally got to climb in the ring with Bill O’Reilly.

In Conversation

A Party of Frauds? Glenn Greenwald with Theodore Hamm

Our political culture is broken—not on the margins but fundamentally—and the vapid, trashy political press plays a big role in that," says's Green Greenwald, author of Great American Hypocrites.

A New China Syndrome

In recent months Hollywood liberals and Washington neo-cons have formed an unsung and unholy alliance against China, and especially the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games.

Errol Morris on Abu Ghraib

On the Internet, it’s called “doing a Lynndie.”

Russia’s Pepsi Generation Comes of Age

In the early 1970s, the governments of Nixon and Khrushchev made a deal: America would begin importing Soviet brand Stolichnaya vodka and the Soviet Union would allow Pepsi to be manufactured and sold on red soil.

China's Young and Restless

Written, directed, and produced by Sue Williams and planned as the first “episode” of five documentary films over twenty years, Young & Restless in China records the lives of nine Chinese young adults over a four-year span (2004-2007).

Three Trillion and Counting

As the boondoggle in Baghdad grinds into another year of disaster, Americans have lost interest in exploring the vast warehouses of Bush administration deceit.

Inventing the "Maverick"

Yes, the video actually shows Newsweek White House Correspondent Holly Bailey hanging, and eventually falling, from a tire swing, Politico blogger Jonathan Martin playing sous chef, and the rest of the corps drinking from red, frat-party-plastic cups while stuffing their faces with McCain’s generous buffet.

Compassionate Libertarianism?

There are times when I—a lifelong liberal—am tempted by libertarianism.

Potgieter’s Total Onslaught

During Apartheid’s final decade, South Africa was engulfed in an all encompassing civil war, not unlike if the KKK and the Black Panthers went head to head with AK47s in every city from Chicago to Montgomery.


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