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Displacement at Greenbelt

In March, artists, policy advocates, and community organizers gathered in Williamsburg for a roundtable on gentrification, displacement and the arts. The venue, unexpectedly, was a new luxury condo building at 361 Manhattan Avenue. How did a new condo building end up hosting a panel on displacement? The answer is the story of Greenbelt.

Big Hopes for a Slow Opera:

“No, not satya-graha,” whispered one of them, rolling her eyes again. “Satya-agraha!” The handful of adult students from the American Sanskrit Institute in New Jersey were having a visibly great time, even though Philip Glass mispronounced the name of his own opera.

The Brooklyn Young Mother’s Collective Counters Stereotypes About Teen Parenthood

When Benita Miller, the 37 year-old founder of the Brooklyn Young Mother’s Collective, was growing up in Detroit, she didn’t know anyone who’d spent time in foster care. “People just took kids in,” she says.

When is a Gate Not a Gate?

The Park is located at the south end of Lexington Avenue, at 21st Street, where Lexington abruptly goes from concrete to green, surprising more than just this New Jersey driver. In fact, the security guard at the Gramercy Park Hotel said he saw the whole thing. “It happens all the time,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “The car didn’t stop, backed up and headed the wrong way down 21st Street, which is a one way street, before making a U-turn and leaving.”


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