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The Art of Countering Despair: Naomi Wallace

There is something particularly devastating about being invisible. Having no representation of your ethnic group on-stage, I often think, is even harder than only having stereotypical portrayals.

The Art of Assimilation

Sejny, the centerpiece of a cultural festival by the Borderlanders Foundation from the northeastern Polish town of Sejny (pronounced as if the final letter of “sane” were accented), took on the immediacy and fragility of oral history—a crucial topic in a part of the world that’s suffered invasions and counter-invasions for generations.

Nixon’s Secretary STRETCHes: Truth, Tape and History

What’s next for New Georges? The ever-reaching downtown theater company, whose God’s Ear has transferred uptown and is enjoying an Off-Broadway run in a co-production with the Vineyard, is now taking on history in a timely way.


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