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Sick of Dance? Never! The 2008 New York Dance Parade

Is sneezing a dance move? I asked myself this question every few minutes on Saturday, May 17, as I stumbled around New York City’s Second Annual Dance Parade and Party, sick as a dog. As legions of smiling baton-twirlers, boom box-shakers, sequined thong-wearers, and the occasional harlequin on stilts shimmied and bounced past me on their route from 28th and Broadway to Tompkins Square Park, I had every desire to groove alongside them but found the best I could usually do was a few hearty nods before another wave of racking coughs would take over. Maybe I can make it look like I’m just really getting down, I thought.

Momix Passion: A Review

The body is a vessel for sacrifice both literally and symbolically in Moses Pendleton’s Passion, the 17-year-old dance work that opened Momix’s run at The Joyce Theater in May. The episodic piece set to Peter Gabriel’s score for the film The Last Temptation of Christ is a visual feast with bodies that are pushed to extreme physical limits, but its substance does not fully match that of the music.

GeraldCaselDance: A Review

I have a condition. I’ve been suffering—more and more, recently—from “dance blackout.” Usually it occurs at perfectly respectable contemporary dance performances. I’ll be watching some blandly pleasant movement and suddenly realize that several minutes have gone by without a memorable moment, a moment of jolting veracity—that I haven’t once been engaged, excited, awakened.


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