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Shitty Mickey

ShithomeWorld Premiere!TV GuideExtra!

Tune in NOW to the next explosive episode of SHITTY MICKEY!

You don’t want to miss the dynamite action: guns, hot musketeers, coprohillia and Disney! And coming soon, naked Palin!  (Turns out she gets into a limo just like Britney, who’d’uv thunk it?)

This week: Dick Cheney, a coke orgy, and a bloodbath!
Or, go back to where it all started, The World Premiere of the Shitty Mickey show! Which features financial collapse and a real life glimpse into the life, and deeply personal life, of the infamous star!

Oh, and we got EXTRAS!

See it NOW! Or forever live with regrets.

ShithomeWorld Premiere!TV GuideExtra!


John Reed

John Reed's novels include A Still Small Voice (Delacorte 2000) and Snowball's Chance, which will be published by Roof Books this September. He lives in Manhattan.

Michele Witchipoo

Michele Witchipoo is a comic artist.


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