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Beyond the Relic Cult of Art

I am nostalgic for a time before the modern concept of art forgery had gelled, when it was possible to imagine many ways for artworks to exist out of their time. I love the culture of Renaissance art because it was not settled in its categories, and produced art out of that unsettlement. It knew forgery, but it wrinkled time in other ways as well.

The Nature of Carl Andre

This summer Dia:Beacon finally opened the long-awaited Carl Andre retrospective documenting 50 years of his career. Co-curators Yasmil Raymond and Phillipe Vergne, assisted by Manuel Cirauqui, spent years researching and organizing the entirety of Andre’s production and it shows in the comprehensive view and sensitive installation of the work.

An excerpt from The George Kuchar Reader

Some people climb mountains. Others drive trucks. George Kuchar made movies.

Books In Conversation

The Life-Long Sentence
MARY RUEFLE with Tony Leuzzi

“I was born into a world that no longer exists,” Mary Ruefle told me as we sat down to lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant in Rochester, NY. Although referring to how entrenched electronic devices are in our daily lives, and how terribly sad it is that more and more people have never known what it feels like to be off the grid for a day, let alone a week, she appeared to be talking about more than iPads and Bluetooths.

Sweet 15

Born to a rural area in one of the poorest counties on the West Coast, this sort of decay had a bitter kind of comfort to it.

Walter Benjamin: Recent Writings

The profession of almost every man, even that of the artist, begins with hypocrisy, ” Nietzsche writes, “with an imitation from without, with a copying of what is most effective.” When I first started graduate school in philosophy, in 1990, I arrived with a headful of Nietzsche and Russell and Quine and Davidson, only to find, to my embarrassment and confusion, that all of the cool kids were reading this fellow I’d never even heard of, Walter Benjamin. Naturally, I copied them.

Art In Conversation

AARON BOBROW with Alex Bacon

Alex Bacon met with Aaron Bobrow in his studio to discuss the complicated conversation the artist has been developing in his work between painting, sculpture, appropriated imagery, and contemporary commodity and digital culture. Bobrow currently has a solo show, Ventilator Blues, at Office Baroque in Brussels (June 12 – July 18, 2014).

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

Summer heat is in full effect, and with it our second Rail Curatorial Project has opened: Bloodflames Revisited, at Paul Kasmin’s 10th Ave. and 27th St. spaces.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

FLUX TIME: Moving-Image Art and the Ends of Cinema

Filmmakers have long sought to rewire the grammar and symbolism of classical cinema, interrogated the material of the film strip, and entered and dismantled the mechanisms of the apparatus itself.

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