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DEC 14-JAN 15

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DEC 14-JAN 15 Issue


New York
Pace Gallery
November 7, 2014 – January 10, 2015

Spotting, scratching, pressing down, building up marks that
Radiate from the central orbit.
As though the wattle and daub structure beneath has allowed
For his journey to the center of “Cerchio Di Dante.”

Red, green, blue here and there dancing along
Until the convergence of total dominance of black matter
That absorbs as much light as it gives it away.

Where was Descartes when Galileo was in the prison cell?
Still arguing the earth was not a square?
The Delphic square, it has been on Walt Whitman’s mind
For quite some time.

The texture of earth migrates differently
And informs the formation of our mind,
Especially the edge treatment in “Black Circle, Time.”

I am transfixed by their silent speed
Shape shifting across the surface
From here to…
Offering a secret to impermanence,
Of time and the universe.

Just like in the “Eye of the Circle” when one square
Compromises its four equal sizes and harmonizes with
An extended reticent rectangle, surprising.
Accumulations of texture on the temple’s walls
“White Circle, Time,” “Islamarada (Window of Unknowing)”
Exert physical dimensions to pay homage
To “Square of Meditation #2.”

In its remarkable dialogue “Eye of the Circle”
Has given birth to a silky terrain
It’s where we came from long ago.
It’s a special place
That both the king and the farmer possess
Equal share of responsibility: the King performs
His noble duties; the farmer cultivates
His land with his knowledgeable hands.
“Time, Space, Window” desires “Square, Rectangle and Circle”
We’re from here, to…

Infinite differences void all assumptions
Trusting “Micro Black” means harvesting
Hieratic figures and leading them
To the “Reflected Center” of “Ramapo Forest.”

The “Celestial Rectangle” can’t comprehend how
A member of its family is called “Chopiniana Square,”
Or “Mirror of Space.”
Yet, the rambling apertures
Perfectly, evenly order
Their legendary atmospheres.
The vehicle and its field
Co-exist for our total pleasure.



Phong Bui

Phong H. Bui is the Publisher and Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Rail.


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 14-JAN 15

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