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Letter from Paris

Some thoughts on the situation we are living through, right now, in Paris and in France. It’s a difficult moment.

The Royal Road, Phoenix, and The Dragon is the Frame

D.A. Miller begins his 2008 Film Quarterly essay on Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) by confessing that his initial experience of the film was not a happy one.

About Last Night

The first pages of the Library of America’s new collection make it clear that when Virgil Thomson was named head music critic of the New York Herald Tribune in the fall of 1940, he came in spoiling for a fight.

Recovering Churchill

Boris Johnson, conservative politician and Mayor of London, has penned his ninth book, The Churchill Factor, about that great figure of British resilience, defender of democracy in Europe, Sir Winston Churchill. While the book will undoubtedly serve to advance Johnson’s political rise, The Churchill Factor also operates as a concise, cogent overview of Churchill’s leadership arc and political rise, told in a witty style, which manages (if just barely) to refrain from hagiography.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

As life goes on we are urgently reminded how short it is before we all leave this earth. What is it that we all want to accomplish and what differences do we wish to make for the betterment of our culture before we die?

Editor's Message Guest Critic

Toward Polyphonic Criticism

A multivalent arena, rich and strange—something polyphonic, as Mikhail Bakhtin described Dostoevsky’s work—what art criticism could be.

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