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DONALD BYRD with Jessica Lynne

651 ARTS is an organization dedicated to contemporary performing arts of the African diaspora. When the organization celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014, I was tasked with producing the anniversary video retrospective.

In Conversation

NIV ACOSTA & THOMAS F. DEFRANTZ with Tara Aisha Willis

Performer, choreographer, and scholar Thomas F. DeFrantz and dance artist niv Acosta have co-curated a weekend of performances, screenings, discussions, a dance party, and even a brunch, around the themes of “Afrofuturism and utopian/dystopian visions of a queer Black tomorrow” at JACK in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

The Evolution of the Queer Dancer

I don’t think Miguel Gutierrez knows this, but I took a dance class with him several years ago. Back then I had long hair with bangs, wore leggings, and entertained the idea of becoming a dancer.


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