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The Grapes of Wrath Revisited

John Steinbeck published his famous book in April 1939, several months before the outbreak of World War II put an end to a long economic depression in a devastating battle for world domination.

It’s (Still) Chinatown, Jake

California is in the midst of a serious four-year drought, which has been an attention-grabber here and around the country. People have seized on the drought as a symptom of global climate change, and as a cypher for water shortages as a way of life and even for the fragility of civilization as we know it on the West Coast. Don’t believe it.

All Tomorrow’s Parties

With the recent victory of Alexis Tsipras’s post-referendum, streamlined electoral machine, shorn of its nettlesome Left Platform, it is finally time to soberly survey the wreckage the Syriza sequence has left in its wake.


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NOV 2015

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