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[John Wieners to Joanne Kyger]

24 Chestnut Ave Hanover
February 22, 1970

Dearest Joanne:

How busy you must be not to write your old friend, John. And how successful. How is bolinas? i have Phil Whalen’s new book, On bear’s Head and love it so. Also some plastic over records. Some guy left me 8000 dollars. Will you write me? i am dying of hunger for you. See your poems everywhere. And Nemi Frost. Do you have her address. i will see you Summer of 1971, on my way to China. Shall i send new poems to Tom Clark for The Paris Review. bob Dylan is singing, “For Tonight i’ll be Staying Here with You.”

Monday evening i gave a benefit for the Chicago 7 at the Charles Street Meeting House with Denise Levertov, Anne Sexton, Ron Loewinsohn, James Tate, etc. How is George Stanley and Howard Dull? And irving Rosenthal? i hear from Charles Plymell in balti- more in person that Dave Haselwood is incommunicado, being held prisoner by pseudo Gurdjieff in captivity for his salary.



John Wieners



John Wieners


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