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The Space Above the Ceiling

I just got here so
I don't know anything.
Sun splendor at dawn
is one thing, so I'll start
with that. Also, something about electric bacteria
in outer space, that's another thing.
Out in the open, the dear world
vibrates on a broad bandwidth. 20 uses
of water include: bathing, cooking,
and transportation, so there's that.
Nothing was really happening
except, "Do not open this window."
Last, but not least: people with
good memories are scary to me.












Monday Poem

What appears to me now
appears to be gone. An old New Yorker
is under my arm. The aroma of meat
is thrilling on 5th Avenue.
The angry falcon is in the van
with our hero. Where there used to be
boarded up storefronts there are now
maps to those boarded up storefronts.
I ate her pudding. I had no ideas
today. Audience members
at the advanced style screening
appear to be throwing their hats at
the door before they enter the theater.













Future Storms

As you approach the resting spot
practice good footing.
Once you find the stream,
nestle next to it on your side.
There, you will feel an exquisite
sense of moving along.
An interrupter is not well liked.
Avoid a collision course with fancy,
but keep the emerald rods for hoarding.
All days are ruthless and mathematical
days. The city speaks for itself.
Get something from the trunk and get evolved.
A spray mist and a lozenge deliver
the expanded stance. An eagle,
some bird.













Dear fever, please help me
pitch these hydrochloric pelts.
My yellow mitten just tumbled down the street
and the milk has gone chlorine pepper.
I'll always get a lot out.

Big personalities form alliances that leave pocks.
They are sugary and parental, but really fun and short of sharp.
You are on the beach with rippled glimpses of ships.
Look at the glare on that silver mast.
Soothe us with your stories of the sea.

The closest star to us is just not close at all.
There is something in this for all of us.
You wouldn’t think of taking
half a car for half a block.
The best ideas are from us.











Post Title

People are so awkward,
they are banging around everywhere.
Part of the reason
the day plagues us
is because ambulances make a lot of sound
when they pick injured people up.
I would like to embrace people
who are determined to stick with it
when things get weird with a crisis.
Lucky people respond to fractals.
I do not really want this great cover to end,
nor the tissue aspect of my body, or the internet.











Todd Colby

Todd Colby is a Brooklyn-based poet and artist. Colby is the author of six books of poetry. His most recent book, Splash State,was published by The Song Cave in 2014. His writing and art have recently appeared in Bomb Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Denver Quarterly, Dizzy Magazine, and Poetry Magazine


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APR 2016

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