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divination and gambling

stay with plants
in the desert
forts in snow

pull over for
northern lights
don't and won't
finally ever know

by the road past
the experimental forest
its purpose
or its nature

like the reign
of one wrong move
a mobile home









mistake the measure

for what the thing is
lose sight of seeing
to argue endlessly
to miss the ringer

smoking by a fence
early morning on
a corner in the sun   
outthinking the cold

don't say anything
about anything   daily
trying not to sense
the slow removal

of the actual world
as anything other
than what's happening
now and here









pieces of culture

Anomie   Image   harmonic series
then dissolves.   in writing
where time goes
both ways

gave a kick to a log
watched it an instant
flames rise   light
fog on lake

later got decomposed
into grammatical parts
reflected in country life
light stratus   high cirrus

classic ghost
floating on air
haunting up
the place









arcane last known

noted loss
to a final phase
invented by teenagers
and rays of light

loading a wheelbarrow
late summer   fall
end of day sun
seems right

late to transcribe
vandalism for the soul      
busy deflecting
basic sense

listening to rain
on a tape deck
more and more worried
about being relaxed









promised wire work

the disassembled heights
lay on the floor
for sake of right to
promotional concern

climate risks incurred
great great grandbaby
moonwalking for water
near the garbage fire

the outer reaches
of an off off Broadway
cubits warped

Sousa march playing
with feeling   seems
it shakes the earth









celebrity secrets

not to touch the walls of
the Russian room as they are
but as they would be
afterlife cool

frantic luxury of breath
gone   up into clouds
a poor excuse for form

consumed by thoughts of death
of dying, helpless children
their cries
late in life

Audrey Hepburn
was once a dancer
in the Dutch resistance
to deliver a message









peace with culture

depths of alarm   uncharted
and then gone   next world
in the space of
few days

known unknowns
something unseen
0 for history
a couple three

creates measure  reiteration
method with variable number
reflective of whatever
weights apply

flames or stars
resaid against
hauntings and thoughts
in general






Arlo Quint

Arlo Quint is the author of Wires and Lights (Rust Buckle, 2016), Death to Explosions (Skysill, 2013), and Drawn In (Fewer & Further, 2010). He's currently teaching "Poems Against the Demagogue" at the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2017

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