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The House Collapses

I met her at the airport in Alexandroupoli, on my way home from the festival. Her name was Lia. Her film had brought tears to my eyes, which never happens to me anymore.

What’s Good About The End

Zack called me and canceled our date for tonight. Then he canceled our affair. "So who are you sleeping with?" I asked.

New York Cycle, a Diary

Fifteen years later, New York has changed. The twin towers no longer fill the view when you cycle down Fifth Avenue or rollerblade toward Downtown beside the Hudson. The East Village, Alphabet City, and the Lower East Side have gentrified. The Williamsburg Bridge has been repaired and now leads on both sides to neighborhoods inhabited by trendy young people.

Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel #10: Le Procédé

T. Motley is serializing Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel in the Brooklyn Rail, helped by a grant from the Spillway Fund, Text translated from the French by Harry Mathews, Trevor Winkfield, Mark Ford, John Harmon, John Ashbery, Mark Polizzotti, Rupert Copeland Cuningham, and Fedra Rodriguez Hinojosa.

inSerial: part four
The Mysteries of Paris

La Goualeuse remained seated on the overturned tree trunk. Suddenly, a man rose from the bottom of the ditch, shook the bedding beneath which he had been sleeping, and exploded with laughter. La Goualeuse turned and shrieked with fright. It was Chourineur.

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