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Burns Like Hell

Musicians across different genres have been manipulating sound to achieve a phenomenon of temporal nonlinearity. Although a song plays for a set duration, the format can be reworked to function like a painting or piece of literature.

Sexmob and John Medeski at Jazz Standard, March 9th, 2018

Itching for action, Sexmob swelled up an introductory theme, doing battle with the Jazz Standard’s disembodied announcer, bandleader Steven Bernstein competitively laying down his own alternative house rules.

Shelley Hirsch: The Flourishing Fields of Reception

Shelley Hirsch is internationally renowned, and a major presence in the New York avant-garde music scene. She is a critically acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller.


I’m on my way to the West Coast and I just had a book party for my new book, Where the Night and Day Become One: The French Poems, which is a selection of writing between 1983 and 2017. I’m really happy about this book but, like with so many other projects, the key is will the book sell.

Not Even Preaching: NYFOS: Protest, February 27, Merkin Concert Hall

In Dave Van Ronk’s The Mayor of MacDougal Street, the singer offers this reflection on the subject of “political music”: “My feeling was that nobody has ever been convinced that they were wrong about anything by listening to a song, so when you are writing a political song, you are preaching to the choir.

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