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Art in the Climate Crisis

Their art not only raises awareness of our predicament, it helps us to imagine other worlds and possible outcomes, offering opportunities for direct action, reminding us of our broken connection to nature, and at times offering solutions that could potentially be scaled up.

Exhibiting Nature’s Nation

Featuring more than 100 works of art from 70 museums, Nature’s Nation explores three centuries of creative activity by diverse makers in a range of media.

Creating a New Narrative About Climate Change: 1000 Steps

Artists have an integral, complementary role along with planners, scientists, educators, community stakeholders, and policy makers if we are to address the complex issues we face.

In Conversation

ELIZABETH CORR with Julie Reiss

Art offered us a way to rethink how we apply our core competencies as an organization, our science, our science litigation, and advocacy expertise.

Fragility Curve

This cross current of human movement, all in pursuit of survival and possibility, while not exclusively necessitated by human exploitation and a changing climate, bares some hallmarks of the future we have wrought on this planet.

Art Project Summary: Holding Ice

Innu people have always been involved in fighting to protect the land, and this project was a way for me to showcase the beauty the land has.


Passenger pigeons. From billions to just one. From skies blackened by soaring flocks to piles counted by the thousands in shooting contests.

Material Supply Chains and Eco-traumas

Photography has the ability to replicate and scale. It is a story, provocation, construction, fabrication, and truth.

The Masochism Tango

Art provides the space and time to reflect on what it is to be human right now and how odd, horrifying, and miraculously wonderful that is.

Against Hope

To let go of hope is to face up to the fact that we’re not going to make it through this gauntlet without incurring terrible wounds.

Communicating Climate Change Through Art

I rely on other specialists to make rational, data-driven arguments for why we must take action to preserve our ecosystems, but through my work, I try to make an appeal on a more elemental level.


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