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Black Gold

Her name was Claudia. She was six years old and had straight, copper hair. This story could be true. It could be, if my memory was good enough. But I don’t trust it. Not the story, or my memory.

Memories for Olga

I can manage to recall when it all began, but I no longer have a clear conviction that we were doing something worthwhile.

Imperfect Future

This morning, I ran into you in the park. Your knack for smiling in spite of everything, for regretting nothing, infuriates me.

My Body is (the) Marginalia; The Sun Drawn a Saw Across the Strings

One thing remains constant. I have cerebral palsy. I tell people that I was “born with it” but that isn’t exactly accurate.

from What Would Emma Goldman Do?

Today is an anti-fracking rally at the state capitol. I am trying to think of just the right sign to make as if the language could save us.

The Road to Golgonooza

T. Motley is the author of The Road to Golgonooza, a fake jam comic.

inSerial: part ten
The Mysteries of Paris

A blazing fire burned in the hearth and a lamp placed on the dresser cast a bright light throughout the apartment. Rodolphe’s bed, surrounded by thick curtains of green damask, remained in darkness.

Leaves of AstroTurf

Sam Ferri is an illustrator based in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Time Out New York and New York Press. He can be reached at


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