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DEC 20-JAN 21

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DEC 20-JAN 21 Issue
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3 poems

Haiku 1.

America created
Cancel culture
only to befall it

Haiku 2.

Black women weather
And break from the weight of, “I
Love how strong you are.”

Poem 3.
“Ode to Abrams”

You better come correct, girl
Better have something to offer at the table
like the table,
the meeting snacks,
the business solutions,
the data to support your claim.
Better be able to save us from ourselves
correcting our errors from the shadows,
told to take no credit.
You’re better off behind the scenes, they say.
Better be ready to clean that glass ceiling when you get stuck under it.
When you get them what they wanted,
you better be ready to do more
Know more
Play your part
til they recognize your position
Bet on Her, they’ll say
And they will be right every time.


K. Desireé Milwood

is a Panamanian-American poet & author of Poems for My Namesake released in 2016. She is known for her witty & thought provoking style of haiku. She currently resides & creates in Newark, New Jersey.


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 20-JAN 21

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