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MARCH 2021

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MARCH 2021 Issue
Poetry A Tribute to Lewis Warsh

“Everyone you’ve ever been with for a moment”

Standing in the kitchen doorway
Of Lewis and Bernadette’s
As kids blow through in whoops…

Boulder bliss of summer digs,
Utopian conversation (Erasmian?)
And mellow strolls with children…

Coffee with Lewis in 1982,
Out of the blue (heaven!) he wants to
Publish a book of my poems…

His disappointment that my next book
Is published by another press, “I thought
You were a United Artists poet.”

His sudden intake of breath, raised
Eyebrows, smile and chuckle
When astonished or tickled…

His beautiful woman friend leans
In and whispers,
“Lewis makes beautiful babies.”

Guest of Lewis at LIU,
He smokes on the balcony against Brooklyn skyline
As we trade tales of our kids, what’s happening in poetry

His last letter to me recommends
Online poetry outlets, then
“I’m putting my papers in order.”

“Everyone you’ve ever been with for a moment”
And no time you felt like you felt
With this one at that time


Gary Lenhart

Gary Lenhart met Lewis Warsh in 1978, and he published essays on Lewis’s work in Talisman magazine (1998) and Don’t Ever Get Famous, ed. Daniel Kane (2006).


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MARCH 2021

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