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July Elements

Harmonium, Ding an sich, Capo,

Caesura, Herculaneum, Albritton (for John Koethe),

Lovage, Claritin, Deus ex Machina,

Proscenium, Tympanum, Hap, Emporium,

Rose Water, Rigid Designator, Haroosh, Polymorphism,

Likeness (for Paul North), Ergonomics, Omnium Gatherum,

Dickinsonium, Duration, Feldman,

Petitio Principii, Delerium, Nature Morte,

Lament (for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías), Alexandrine, Impasto,

Aspen, Sub Rosa, Pandemonium,

Cadmium Red light, Nostrum, Heartsease,

Pericardium, Resurrectine, Eau de Vie.

Etude for Miles Champion

Not the wandering kind

person to person

to strew lives to pirates

along the lines of Chopin

if you don't count valve years.

As scrupulous visionary. Regards

to form blocks.

And blood in French

fold their love so

years to ones that end.

Seeing besides

crawl inches actionable.

For the glycerine stow

flag of tops

and jeweled periodicity.

From the Italian

Mentalese O divided

love of things—your

soil frame for example in the room

for the slow passage.

Since outwardness plays

right field and the

emotions of small city streets, green and talkative

until they coast.

A Stanza for Bob Hershon

Rangy as starters or the sliver buildings pinned to the

 sidewalk near Central Park South,

playing the bass clarinet,

with no climbing June or envelopes besieged by business forces,

including the turning points attached to or abutting time's

 grievous arrow

and its on-again, off-again transposition to space.


Try squeezing it into a Concord grape. There's your wine-

 dark sea.

—I did that already!

Even when I try not to think of you

it's as though your being for want of a better word

is pushed out to the tips of my fingers.

Sandwiched, to put it another way, between hope and what is

 hoped for.

I would like to write a song in detective style,

how procedure plays in along with legwork and the shattered

 daylight industry

as a result of the war felt if not quite experienced,

the difficult air and feelings holding on.

Maybe—maybe you're the one driving the Land Rover Defender

 over the narrow bridge. It looks like you.

Air and a sweep. In sum: the parietal lobe

but also those doing the talking (and fishtailing),

from early avatars to present-day wing motifs.


Charles North

Charles North’s twelfth poetry collection, Everything and Other Poems (The Song Cave, 2020), was named a NY Times New and Noteworthy Book. En Face, his collaboration with artist Trevor Winkfield, is just out from MAB Books.


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NOV 2021

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