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A Year With Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno’s Diary

And this is where A Year With Swollen Appendices is most insightful. The Appendices are informative, short essays through which Eno presents his thinking and values. The diary part of the book, for the most part, is informative in a different way.

From Space to Environment, Fluxus to Furniture Music: The Women of Kankyō Ongaku

This two-part essay takes an expansive look at the female artists that both prefigured and forged kankyō ongaku across disciplines, as well as the myriad influences informing their work.

Logan Richardson and The Jazz Forum Talents

The Kansas City-born alto saxophonist Logan Richardson is enjoying an ongoing relationship with the Szczecin Jazz festival organizers.

Listening In: Jakob Bro, A Dream Reconstructed

“Reconstructing a Dream” is the oneiric opening track on guitarist Jakob Bro’s recent release, Uma Elmo (ECM), and it is up to the challenge of its title.


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