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According to Stellar Scale
for Sian Proctor

Stellar scale
risen above wizened technical complexity synonymous with a
    carriage of moons being vapour
that rises & electrifies the cells according to true interior
according to voltage that submerged itself while soaring
according to balance as magnetic heightening
not as extension harassed behind a wall of borders
but magnetism as ignited significance
that partakes of parsecs
that inspires revelation
being ignited first health
where being conjoins with itself as aboriginal revelation

Nervous Incomparable Dictation

Blackness as co-equal with blackness siring initial seismicity through
which initial balance is shifted ignited beyond its prior capacity
so that prior balance can only gift itself by means of vertiginous
causality, by seeming ruin that never instigates demise, but opens
onto a primordial plane sans replication such as dates and names
and habits. Nouns in this state remain posited and alit according
to one’s private scale that registers Greco-Roman diminishment
incapable of solar vastitude. Its carnal informational complexity
mired in ongoing seclusion, narrowed by its compulsion towards
blinding. Being incompatible with internal states of athletic
crystallography, thus blackness blazes and bends analogous to
incorruptible molten.

Yet such a process of variability needs sustain itself at a pitch of
strenuous characterological performance that understands itself as
other than transactional value, as other than transactional crafting.
For want of a better term such craft condenses to transactional
lucre. What seems most called for is a counter-rotational grammar
that allows internal scale to spin via intuitive heightening. This
being surreptitious motion as cellular bucolic, for instance, motion
across a cellular acorn delta, or perhaps, a greenish mountain sea,
diabolically connected to a feral mountain climate understood
to be failed mammalian gardening that curiously posits transit
to alternate fables of quantum mammalian renewal superseding
itself as circumvented hamlet consumed by poisonous asters oddly
placed not unlike a replicated fever.

This being language as spontaneous current, as primordial
electrification self-removed from private exteriority that burdens
and provokes perpetual lingual ailment. This being not unlike
psychic integument alive as dazzling germination, as ghostly gestural
diary as written expression becomes an anti-clerical property
sans phonemic claustrophobia. Thus it enacts itself as beauty via
blurring, as dynamic via quickened verbal crimson. I understand
this state to be one of cosmic amplification, proto-elliptical as
narration flashing prior to its own existence, being a postulate of
its own inclement carbon so that an evolved verbalics transpires
and emits from itself something staggered and spontaneous not
unlike an inferno of mist that subsumes its own charisma. During
this prestigitated aural transmission I encounter a counterclockwise
inferno with its powers tending to infer powers not unlike those of
pre-existence. Powers prone to the inevitable mystery that remains

I think of powers co-equal to those of giant sunfish magically
basking, gazing back at themselves igniting a phantom posthumous
largesse. Of course they speak to themselves via fleeting endemic
parallels that mirror magical meta-existences. These existences
being a combination of spectrums simultaneous with alchemical
impact alive as imperceptible planes drawing on themselves alive as
impalpable lingual blazing. An invisible gust akin to self-fomented
seepage pre-bodiless within this level of context. A bodiless heritage
akin to phantoms striding as phantom Bedouin combinations.
Combinations never negated via motionless inference, the latter
scale never reflecting the noun-like scale that reflects a delimited

This being an unconditional conundrum that by its nature seems
forceless according to static empirical utterance. Of course this
latter condition can now be uttered as aural example that issues
its power via insistent canonical figments. These figments being
quantum in nature explode through fragments that regather
themselves as lateral apperception that naturally re-harvest
themselves according to improbable blankness. This being ageless
aural ascent up feverish astral summits. This being dictation that
lends itself to the ungraspable, to what I gather to be a pluperfect
sonics, not unlike a spell that continues to listen to itself thriving
via vibrational independence.

Sans Phantom Neurotic Yield

Because phenomena post-exists itself
it is incapable of induction
of deferring its nexus as nouns
cleaving to their post-remains
or worlds unto themselves like phantom moons
without suns
sub-solar in essence
not unlike sonic electrons
sans phantom neurotic yield

Deficits: Chaïm Soutine & Joan Miró

Earlier on
negatively imprisoned by chronic familial assessment
as if anonymous crime had been proposed a misdemeanor linked
    to Teutonic deficit
to bleak & conjoined unfurling
a chronicle devoid of light as efficiency essence implanted as
    perpetual doubt judged
by the projected field of others
you were a dense mystagogic trampoline according to contorted

as for Soutine
within a rural world of murder
a combustion of nerves
of gestures condoned by nervous conquering statics
absorbing chronic social signals by non-sequitur


Will Alexander

Will Alexander is a poet, novelist, playwright, philosopher, visual artist, and musician. Among his publications are Refractive Africa (New Directions, 2021/Granta, 2022), which was named a finalist for the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry and won the California Book Award for Poetry, The Combustion Cycle (Roof, 2021), Across the Vapor Gulf (New Directions, 2017), and The Sri Lankan Loxodrome (New Directions, 2009).


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