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Art In Conversation

Y.Z. Kami with Phong H. Bui

Kami creates matter so concretely that he refers to his paint as skin covering the canvas below. As endless questions of how to convey spirituality through sensuality, criticality through deference, strength through tenderness, and so on, continue to populate my mind, my eyes are transfixed on the different skins that evoke such sentiments through countless painted images.

Art In Conversation

Christian Marclay with Charlotte Kent

On the occasion of Christian Marclay’s exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, the artist sat down with Charlotte Kent for a wide ranging conversation on the various entry points to his work. In the edited version below, they discuss Marclay’s long-standing fascination with doors and transitions—obscure, improvised, and ongoing.

Art In Conversation

R.H. Quaytman with Felix Bernstein

R.H. Quaytman’s current exhibition at Glenstone closes a major body of her work while opening a new one. Since 2001, her paintings have been organized in chapters, and Glenstone displays recent chapters alongside a new set of Warburgian vitrines show hints of her research for Book, a self-made artist’s catalogue that will pick up where her last major collection Spine left off: covering the years 2011–2020 (Chapters 21–35).

Art In Conversation

Didier William with Charles M. Schultz

In Miami, the largest gathering of Didier William’s work yet to be assembled took place. Years of conversations and studio visits with Dr. Erica Moiah James led to a selection of paintings and prints that convey a passage of artistic evolution. The passage is concerned with the figure. Twenty years ago William had been exploring abstract compositions until the murder of Trayvon Martin compelled a new direction. This exhibition begins at that moment and concludes at its chronological counterpart: the birth of a child and the formation of a family.

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Dear Friends and Readers,

Do we remember enough to remind ourselves that the word philosophy means to love wisdom? Do we remember enough to remind ourselves that the word philanthropy means to love people?

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Robert Motherwell: The Drawings of a Painter

The catalogue raisonné of Robert Motherwell’s drawings, which was published by Yale University Press in November 2022, was the culmination of more than ten years of research and serves as a companion to the 2012 catalogue raisonné of Motherwell’s paintings and collages.


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