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Charles Lloyd: Freedom, and Wonder

In 2022, a trio of trios: three albums by three different trios, together as one Blue Note release; Sacred Thread—Lloyd, Julian Lage, Zakir Hussain; Chapel—Lloyd, Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan; Ocean—Lloyd, Anthony Wilson, Gerald Clayton. The covers of each album are each a print by Lloyd’s wife Dorothy. This is the realm of self-definition.

Jazztopad, Wrocław, Poland

Jazztopad’s manifestation of jazz is multiple, with core concerts in the National Forum Of Music’s multi-floored modern edifice, usually including international visitors and collaborations with new music groups.

Blood Brothers

When seven-string guitarist Álvaro Domene and alto saxophonist Álvaro Pérez met in Madrid, Spain in 2011, not only was the “same level of passion and hunger for real, creative, and exploratory high-level collaborative music” immediately evident, says Domene, “having the same name, rather than being confusing, to us was kind of a strange cosmic coincidence because it’s not that common of a name.”

Odyssey for Violin

Burnham has been a key player in a wide range of recordings over the decades, starting his career with a loud bang as part of the trio that free jazz/deep blues guitarist James Blood Ulmer assembled to record the landmark Odyssey album in 1983. This record hit the scene hard, blasting through distinctions of genre with a fine disregard for any perceived boundaries.


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