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In Conversation

Fred Eversley with Allie Biswas

For his current exhibition at David Kordansky Gallery in New York, Fred Eversley has produced a new body of sculptures that realize ideas initially explored by the artist in writing some fifty years ago. The “Cylindrical Lenses,” which consist of six vertically-oriented structures measuring between seven and nine feet tall, mark the first time that Eversley has made free-standing, floor-based works in resin—a material that has been intrinsic to his practice since the very beginning.

In Conversation

Mark Bradford with Katy Siegel

There is a sense of mutual trust and affinity when Katy Siegel and Mark Bradford are in conversation, as they have been for more than a dozen years. On the occasion of Bradford’s current exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, New York, Siegel joined the artist at the gallery shortly after the installation was complete. In this conversation they discuss the evolution of Bradford’s latest body of work, how he maneuvered through COVID closures, and what it means to imbue works of art with hope and faith.

In Conversation

Gabriel Orozco with Hearne Pardee

Although he resists the term “nomadic,” Gabriel Orozco has woven an international career through a network of objects, installations, and interventions linked by contingency and contiguity. His use of photography, collage, and found objects has enlarged the scope of sculpture.

In Conversation

Lawrence Abu Hamdan with Will Fenstermaker

There’s a point about halfway through After SFX (2018) where Lawrence Abu Hamdan pauses his performance—he’s just relayed the story of Lebanese President Émile Lahoud’s security tackling a cameraman after mistaking the sound of a tripod for the sound of a pistol—and a low, screeching hum, like a buzzing bee or a car burning out in the distance, fills the auditorium.

Director's Series

Janne Sirén with Joachim Pissarro & Jennifer Stockman

Janne Sirén is the director of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, a 161-year-old institution with one of the most important collections of American Abstract Expressionism. He was named director in 2013 and guided the organization through a major building project in which the concept of partnership was the cornerstone of the process. Sirén joined Guggenheim President Emeritus Jennifer Stockman and Rail Consulting Editor Joachim Pissarro for a conversation about the history of the Buffalo AKG, the fascinating career path Sirén created to arrive where he is, and the visionary work that goes into building a venerable collection.

Reflections on Philip Guston Now

As many of us know, to be in the presence of a work of art is to be present with your whole body. One doesn’t just look, one feels. This is especially true for those whose artwork has become so well known that we think we know it because of all the times we’ve seen its image reproduced. Artists understand this predicament with acute sensibility. For this reason, we asked a few artists to respond to the paintings of master Philip Guston at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. We're honored to share their luminous responses below.


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