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Natalie Frank

Natalie Frank explores contemporary discourse on feminism, sexuality, and violence in drawings and books The Story ofO, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Her work is in the collections of the Whitney and the Brooklyn Museum in NYC; Art Institute of Chicago; Blanton Museum of Art, Austin; and Yale University Art Museum. Frank earned a BA from Yale University, 2002, an MFA from Columbia University, 2006 and is a Fulbright Scholar (Oslo, Norway).

Linda Nochlin

I first met Linda at Nan Rosenthal’s New Year’s Eve party in 2003. She was ensconced on a divan in the middle of the living room, her hair was hot pink, and she was the only person in the room who had any interest in speaking with a young person.

My Women Mentors: Mentorship as Activism

As #MeToo began, I wrote in ARTnews about my experiences with sexual harassment. But in writing about these men, I realized I was only telling one piece of my story. I also wanted to address my women mentors.


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